Join Labworks USA's Growing Team Of Partners and Resellers

We pride ourselves on being not just one of the largest drug and alcohol testing consortiums but more importantly the most simple and straightforward solution to regulatory compliance.

We are opening opportunities for growth-minded companies in every industry that has an interest in the transportation industry. This could be Trucking and logistics, aviation, transit, and every product or service pertaining to any of these businesses.


  • Social Media: We will be promoting your brand to our social media platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Website: We place a banner ad on our website ADDITIONAL SERVICES page where your brand will be visible 24/7.
  • Audio Recording:  If you have podcasts and more, we could feature it also on our promotional streams. We will provide you with Labworks USA audio tags and commercials.
  • There will be no monetary expense to either party.
  • Contact today to discuss.

This is a direct referral program.

Here is the process:

  • We will give you a REFERRAL LINK or a landing page URL to send your referrals. 
  • They will then be redirected to your unique branded SIGN UP PAGE and we will track if they SUCCESSFULLY sign up with Labworks USA.
  • Once they have signed up and paid the membership fee, you will receive an agreed to referral bonus. This can be sent to you as a check or direct deposited in your account.
  • We will promote your business through ALL that is stated on Package 1
  • PLUS: We are willing to offer a referral commission for every successful registration on our:
    • Company Annual Registration 
    • Supervisor Training Certificate Course
    • FMCSA Clearinghouse Registration Assistance 
  • We can also create a white labeled/Branded sign up page with unique discounts or special payment options. 
  • Contact today to discuss all of the revenue generating opportunities.
When you become our partner we will help you set up:
  • Sample posts and templates
  • A large library of content is ready to post as is or edit as you see fit.
  • Coaching with our marketing team to get you earning quickly.

We can create a full white label of your proprietary software completely branded with your corporate identity. Contact our sales team lead at